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FIT 23 Challenge
You could win $1,300
Personal & Small Group Training

Are you ready to reach your goals? YES

Are you looking for someone to give you that push? YES

Don't know where to start or have reached a plateau? YES

You should be Training @ FITSQUAD STUDIOS!


Welcome to #FitSquad. We look forward to helping you achieve a Healthier & Fit Lifestyle. We specialize in Personal & Small Group Training. Our program which is based on Endurance Strength Structure (E.S.S. System) was created by Moses Carroll, combines Weights & Cardio using heart rate-based training monitoring to help you reach your goals. Come in for a free session and

 Kick Some E.S.S. 


What we believe...


The cost of anything is important; However, the "value" of something is even more important. When considering the cost and value of your training wellness program, we want you to make the best decision possible. Training at FitSquad Studios, we believe there's nothing more important than your health and well-being. That is exactly why we offer the best value.


Change Your Mind Set!

  • Purchase 1 cup of coffee (an average) per day =  FitSquad Membership

  • Purchase 1 pair of jeans per month =  FitSquad Membership

  • Purchase Take out pizza twice per month = FitSquad Membership

  • Purchase 1 manicure and pedicure per month = FitSquad Membership

  • Purchase 2 diet cokes per day = FitSquad Membership

  • Purchase 2 alcoholic beverages per week = FitSquad Membership


Owner & Trainer

We're confident you'll value training at FITSQUAD STUDIOS.

After all Better and Quality of Life is PRICELESS!!!

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Training Hours:
Monday-Thursday  4:30am - 9pm

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