FitSquad Studios Classes

We specialize in Small Group Training. Our training system

E.S.S. Endurance, Strength & Structure builds Confidence and Abilities to help you Achieve Better Health and a Better Body!  

Bunz & Gunz:

Get those Arms & Glutes toned up with targeted exercises that change how they look & feel. 

Winter & Spring Class

TRAP Boxing

This endurance-based workout will create muscle tone; it will provide excitement with building hands, feet and eye coordination.

Fall & Winter Class


Your ABS, Obliques, Lower Back, Inner Thighs, and Glutes will be put to the test.

Year-round class

Rope Burn

So you say you like the battle ropes? This is the class for you. HITT Rope class like you never experienced before. High energy class with a guaranteed burning sensation start to finish.

Summer & Fall Class

Slide & Glide

This class is ideal for those seeking to get more upper body & core strength. It's a challenge worth taking.

Spring & Summer Class

Tone & Tighten

Weights are our best friends. Once you see and feel how your body is changing, you won't stop working to get better. 

Year-round Class

RedLine Bootcamp

In order to be great, you must push your mind & body pass being comfortable. Our goal is to keep you training at your peak (90% MHR) 20 to 30 mins. Hint Redline - Year-round class

Fit 23 - 6 Weeks Series 

This 6-weeks class will get you on the right track of how to workout. We will over form, technique, balance,

and proper weight selection. Year-round class

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Training Hours:
Monday-Thursday  4:30am - 9pm

Friday - Appointment Only

Saturday  7:30am - 2pm

Sunday  10am - 2pm



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