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Welcome to the FIT 23 CHALLENGE.


Are you tired of those 60 and 90-day fitness challenges that cause you to fall back off and make you gain the weight back and then some extra?

Join the Fit 23 Challenge and Get Real Consistency, Build a True Habit, Create a Real Lifestyle Change and Get Real Results. #BRINGYOAZZ


Mission: Achieving Your Body Goal / Dates: Feb 1st - Dec. 15, 2020


  • Must workout 23 times every month.

  • Must earn 2,300 MEPs every month. (Maximum Effort Perform Points)

  • Ladies must burns 11,000 calories every month.

  • Men must burn 17,000 calories every month.

  • All workouts must be done at FitSquad Studios or Virtual Session.

  • All participants must check-in with a pic on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

*Monthly Awards for progress: Calories, MEPs, Body Fat, etc, etc.
*Surprise Extra CASH BONUS challenge: You can take it or LET IT RIDE!

*$69 Entry Fee / Plus FitSquad Monthly Membership - Comes with Heart Rate Monitor


January 31, 2020, 5am to 8pm: 

Nutritional Guidelines, Meal Plan & Prep meeting. Saturday, January 18th at 1pm & 25th at 1pm.

Official Body Composition (Weight, Measurement, Body Mass Index percentage,

& Body Fat percentage) & IQ Well Scan.

February 1, 2020, Official Workout Kickoff - 8am




Click Here to SIGN UP:

Only 100 spots are available.


Sponsored By:

FitSquad Studios / MyZone / The Juice Vault / Bare Food Wellness

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