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Meaningful partnerships are the foundation for success. Partnerships are what enable many companies to make continuous improvements in their communities.


MC Healthcare, Inc. is seeking strategic partners to help with our mission of changing the lives of those that are underserved by offering educational classes, alternative wellness information, leadership and team-building resources to be successful in life.

Top 10 Benefits for the For-Profit Partners:


1. Increase sales of products or services.

2. Increase employee engagement, morale, and retention.

3. Increase customer and brand loyalty.

4. Draw media attention and coverage for free.

5. Provide a motivating purpose for their company and employees.

6.  Increase shareholder return.

7.  Increase employee skill development, team building, leadership.

8.  Attract new business partners and relationships.

9.  Generate recognition for the good they create in society.

10. Receive a tax donation for contributions.  

Top 10 Benefits for Your Nonprofit:


1. Increase funding.

2. Expand donor base.

3. Connect to new business partners.

4.  Attract in-kind donations.

5.  Provide professional development for employees.

6.  Attract new volunteers, board members, and pro bono services.

7.  Increase brand recognition.

8.  Increase media coverage.

9.  Connect leaders with community thought leaders.

10. Develop earned income opportunities.

A strategic nonprofit partnership can elevate your organization’s credibility and support.

By partnering with MC Healthcare. Inc. you can increase your visibility and improve the public’s perception of your own brand. This can help you build trust and attract support.


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