2020 Championship
Are you ready for the Ultimate Pole Challenge?
Are you ready to Showcase Your Skills?
Welcome to Pole Dance America!
March 13th, 14th, 15th, 2020
Atlanta, Ga.

The Evolution of Pole

We all know some of the history and stigma that Pole Dance has had over the past 50 years. Well, things have changed. Pole has been taken out of the clubs and brought to main stages all across the country. We're giving you an opportunity to participate and/or witness the evolution of Pole Dance.

Welcome to Pole Dance America

This competition is a display of Strength, Flexibility, Creativity & Performance Skills. Each competitor will have 2 opportunities to impress the panel of judges & the audience. To win the title of Pole Dance America Champion and take home $1,500 in Cash & other prizes. 

Rules of the Pole Dance America Competition

The PDA operates under our own rules & regulations

Each competitor is required to showcase the art of pole dancing based on theater, fitness, & sports elements. Examples: Gymnastics, Cirque du Soleil & World of Dance. Anything else will lead to disqualification.

Example: Overly sexual movements and/or content is strongly NOT suggested. If you're not sure - ASK!!!

Competition Breakdown:

Round 1: The Compulsory:

This presentation is based on technical skills.

Each competitor will have 3 mins & 15 seconds to execute all the requirements set forth by PDA Staff.

Round 2: The Performance:

This presentation is based on showmanship. Can you hold the audience's attention and take them on a journey in your performance? Each competitor will have 5 mins to execute their performance.

Pole Dance America will award prizes in the following categories:

Superlative Awards:

Ms. Technique – Best overall accomplishment of the specified tasks

Ms. Echo – Best overall stage performance "Story Telling"

Ms. Fitness – Best overall strength and ability

Ms, Personality – Best overall stage presence

Ms. Creativity – Best overall "Unique Presentation"



Overall Titles:

3rd Place: Award & Gift Bag

2nd Place: Award & Gift Bag

1st Place: $1,500, Award & Gift Bag





Competition Guidelines:

Compulsory Round Requirements: 3 minutes & 15 seconds

2 Inversions Hold, 1 being Aerial

1 Shoulder Mount - 5-seconds hold

4 spins, 1 inverted / 1 Counterclockwise/Backwards

Floor Work - Minimum of 15 seconds - Maximum of 20 seconds

1 inverted inner thigh hold

1 split - one the pole - minimum 5-second hold

Drop move - complete stop on the pole


Dress Code:

No Shoes, No Gloves or Support units.

Required: Liquid Pole Grip, Pole/Boy Shorts, Sports Bra


Performance Round Requirements: 5 minutes

Dress Code: Regarding Presentation/Costume

5-minute Maximum

The competitor may use props but, must be approved by the PDA committee.

Grip aids that can damage the pole of any kind may not be used.

It is strictly forbidden to perform nude or partially nude. This will lead to disqualification.

It is fine to remove articles of clothing/costume but, only until reaching the minimum allowance. Minimum allowance is shorts/hot pants that cover most of the buttocks, absolutely no string, no nipple tassels, upper coverage must be of style as sports bra with cross back or halter neck.

Competitors can promote an individual pole school or other business during the performances. “Must be authorized in advanced by the PDA committee.”


Friday, March 13th, 2020 - 10am - Competitors Check-Ins & Preliminaries

Saturday, March 14th, 2020 - 11am Compulsory Round

4pm Door Open - Meet & Greet Judges, Sponsors, Vendors & Show Staff

6pm - Pole Dance America Championship

Sunday, March 15th, 2020 - TBA

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