2020 Championship
March 14th, 2020 - Atlanta, Ga.

The Evolution of Pole

We all know some of the history and stigma that Pole Dance has had over the past 50 years. Well, things have changed. Pole has been taken out of the clubs and brought to main stages all across the country. We're giving you an opportunity to participate and/or witness the evolution of Pole Dance.

Welcome to Pole Dance America

This competition is a display of Strength, Flexibility, Creativity & Performance Skills. Each competitor will have 2 opportunities to impress the panel of judges & the audience.

Our Mission: Build pole dance studios popularity.


Our Goal: Build the brand of Pole Dance America through mainstream America.


We provide the stage for your studio to be represented as one of the best Pole Fitness Studios in your city, state, and nation. What makes the competition more interesting is that we give a prize of $1,500 and the Crystal award to display in your studio in addition to other awards to showcase participation and accomplishments.

Many talented pole artists have graced our stage:  

Sabrina Woods - Stephanie Sky - Tavon “Jungle Cat”

Sharmaine Perez - LULU -Sabrina Madsen

Nikki St John - David C. Owens - Sarah Sparkles

Donna Jane - Karri Mae - Jenny Waters

2020 Pole Judges

Vakeisha “Skittles” Wimberly - IG - skittlesonline

Ziva Lynn - IG - zivalynn

2020 Competition Guidelines:

Compulsory Round Requirements: 

3 minutes & 15 seconds

2 Inversions Hold, 1 being Aerial

1 Shoulder Mount - 5-second hold

4 spins, 1 Inverted / 1 Counterclockwise/Backwards

Floor Work - Min of 15 seconds - Max 20 seconds

1 Inverted inner thigh hold

1 Split - on the pole - minimum 5-second hold

Drop move - complete stop on the pole


Dress Code:

No shoes, no gloves or support units

Required:  Sports Bra​ & Shorts, - Studio Branded - Logo on top and bottom

Performance Round Requirements:

5-minute Maximum - Presentation

Show the judges and audience a jaw-dropping personal presentation

Call 404.454.1066 for more information.

What so great about the PDA Competition Brand? We believe in profit sharing. 

If you sponsor a competitor, we send you 10 tickets ($250 value) to sell and build your support section. The bigger your section, the more support your competitor(s) have and the more income you can make. Also, discounts are available for vendor space to sell products and services to help you with gaining leads for potential clients. We are not just building a competition - We are the next big event.

We look forward to working with you to increase 

the popularity of Pole Dance Fitness!!!


Yours Truly,

Moses Carroll - The King of Pole

Executive Producer of Pole Dance America

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